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Purchasing a home is a major decision. Allow RedFish Inspections to arm you with the information you need to make an informed purchase. Additionally, consider the following elements as you shop for a home (see previous post for tips 1-5).

10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home

6. Living Room

When evaluating a living area, look past the decor and focus on what matters most. Does the layout and style suit your lifestyle? Are there ample electrical outlets and sufficient lighting? What is the condition of the flooring: will it need replaced to meet your needs? Minor changes are easy to fix, but major renovations such as new flooring, electrical updates, and removing walls will have a major impact on your budget.

7. Heating and Cooling

Before purchasing a home, learn about the existing heating and cooling systems. Find out what type of heating the house has, and how old the boiler/furnace is. Furthermore, inquire about the age of the AC (if present). These elements are expensive to replace and have a major impact on the overall comfort of your home. Plus, older units are less energy efficient, resulting in higher monthly utilities. 

8. Basement

Take note of the condition of the basement. Look for signs of water intrusion (namely mold and musty odors). You should also consider having a radon test performed to make sure the basement is properly ventilated. Other factors to consider based upon your needs are lighting, access to electrical outlets, ceiling height, and an egress point.

9. Attic

The basement isn’t the only place you should look for signs of moisture. Roof leaks are most easily detected from inside the attic. Furthermore, look for signs of rodent activity. Rodents like to nest in insulation and can causes a lot of damage to your home’s wiring. 

10. Garage

If you own a vehicle, you need somewhere to keep it. Are you OK with parking along the street, or do you prefer garage parking? Also, consider the size of the garage bays and available storage space. 

Schedule an Inspection

Once you’ve found your dream home, schedule a home inspection with RedFish Inspections. Our inspectors will evaluate the home and provide a same-day online report of our findings. We also perform specialty inspections, including WDI, pool and spa,and well and septic inspections. For all of your home inspection needs in Houston, Montgomery, Tomball, and beyond, call today at (832) 303-8048.