Additional Services

Magnolia Home Inspection Services prides ourselves on being the one-stop shop for all your home inspection needs. In addition to buyer & seller inspections, 4 point inspections, and new home construction inspections, we offer specialty inspections, commercial inspections, and even more additional services. We can help you be that informed buyer that makes a smart choice with no regrets. Request a quote now, schedule online, or call (832) 303-8048. We serve the Houston area and the surrounding cities and towns of Livingston and Huntsville.

Yes, We Inspect That Too!

When moving to a new home, you may find yourself in need of assessments not covered in a typical home inspection. Magnolia offers the following additional services:

Crawl Space Inspections

Pier and beam homes are typically built on a crawl space, not a basement. Moisture and settling are just two issues prone to crawl spaces. We’ll check for these and note any other problems that may exist as well.

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FHA Home Site Map Inspections

When purchasing a home through an FHA loan, the FHA requires a listing of the location of all the support structures in the home. We can map these out for you.

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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are a popular amenity in homes today. Just like your indoor kitchen, be sure you know the condition of this outdoor living space before you sign a contract. We’ll inspect the plumbing, electrical, and appliances to make sure everything is in good shape and working order.

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Workshops, add-on garages, and other outdoor structures fall into this category. We’ll check the foundation, structure, walls, roof, electrical, and plumbing.

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Specialty Inspections

Similar to our additional services, we also provide specialty inspections for any extra concerns you may have. We offer the following inspections:

Our certified inspectors are knowledgeable and thorough. After every inspection, we issue a same-day, state-of-the-art inspection report, complete with video and photos to document our findings. You’ll then be able to use the report to negotiate your best price or ask for repairs.